Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Struggle Street

Its now week EIGHT of the 12wbt. Week EIGHT.
It has seriously flown passed and didn’t even stop in to say hello! As I look back and reflect on the last two months I can honestly say that I’m disappointed in myself. I have lost weight (slowly but surely) and will hopefully continue to do so but I feel like I have failed at being honest and sticking to the program. I can blame my living situation, my red flag days, work, and even other people but when it comes down to it, I am the only person that can be held responsible for my decisions. I think I will have to do some soul searching and find out why I am doing this to myself and how to fix whatever internal demons I’m fighting with. I’m not giving up and won’t give in. I have to want this for me, I have to be in the driver seat, I have to learn to control my life and I have to win this battle!

So far I’ve lost 4.4 kilos, so around 500g a week. I’m hoping to pick up my game and lose 4 more by the end of this round!

See you all in week 9 to kick some serious ass!

Cheese out xx

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